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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 8, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> i just can't believe i got suspended and pretending the box and there was something shake not guilty it and like and it goes (sound). >> he got suspended. he was just trying to quote -- he said rescue the world. now, i don't know who do you like better, ky, the hatchet wielding hitchhiker or the ill boy? >> i think they could be a team. >> batman and robin. >> exactly. sprain little team. eric? >> so take the full screen. big storm coming to the east coast. listen, i was going to originally do my weather thing, but i was told boling, you better not. this is a serious storm. so i'm going to draw a snowman right here and this. i'm going to name it bob. >> thank you very much. what is -- >> familiar with snow. >> it's not starting 'til tomorrow night. >> it's going to be a big storm. if you're on the east coast north of washington or so, be careful. >> it has to fall on saturday, so no snow day. >> you think it will be hard to get around new york with two
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feet of snow? >> no. >> my one more thing i'm switching to dana who is going to sing her dog song. >> will you sing with me? >> yes. >> this is too to the tune to the eagles who sing "take it easy." okay. so. ♪ he's been running around the park trying to -- >> i can't do it. >> i can't do it! >> i can write it. i have a terrible voice. ♪ jasper baby [ laughter ] >> all right. i can't even think of the song to help you out. ♪ jasper baby). welcome to "red eye." it is like 10 things i hate about you, if by you i mean underwear. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on that nasty v neck of yours? >> thanks, greg. coming up on the nasty v neck of mine, drones are they being
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used too often and then questionable legality or not often enough? the story so important to the future of this great nation that our discussion probably will somehow evolve into jokes about unicorns. and chris rock says the president is our boss and our dad and we have to listen to him. well there is a reason he is one of the funniest people in the world. and should you get paid for dealing with your boss' after hours e-mail? i have been listening to how maroon 5 is a band for free. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> the microphone is pinching up against his chest hair. >> kind of uncomfortable. let's welcome our guests. thanks for cutting me off, producer. she is so hot she burps bricketts. i am here with lori roth man. let's pray she is normal. and he is so sharp he burps razor blades. "reason magazine"'s editor and
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chief and in texas he is are cked a belt buckle. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a pillow fight i would do him with friends at a sleepover, sherrod small. >> in the billing, baby. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> it is a break from hate, a flight from spice, two sisters, my favorite kind, have left west burrow baptist church saying their views evolve and now they regret of being part of its wrath. now they are going to hell. may again phelps -- megan phelps roper was the face and spreading the group's venom on twitter. she wrote in a post on-line this week, quote, until recently this is what i lived, breathed, studied, etch prood, loudly, daily and for nearly 27 years. but she told reporters she
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started to question signs that said "fags can't repent" and the idea that only wbc had the right answer seamed -- seemed crazy. it just seemed impossible. way to go, traitor. i can't believe that $5crap. how is fred phelps responding? here is what he had to say on thursday.
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>> who knows what their future holds and if they can be deprogrammed. 27 years and this is all you know and all have you been told? this did put a statement out saying they still believe in the fact that it is their family and church's right. maybe they recanted and evolved since then. >> evolved.
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>> i think they are -- >> she said so many hateful things about gay people i thought she played for the 49ers. >> i like the fact that there must have been a last straw. i am trying to think what would have been the last straw. where did she finally draw the line? >> when she was communicating with a twitter person named jewlicious and she got a window into a world she didn't know existed. she thought it was all sealed and there was an answer to the question and jewlicios said the world is a little different and she got a sense of uncertainty. >> she said it was hard to open pistachio nuts. you know when you open it and there are four. i eat them all the time. >> mind your own business. >> i am trying to help you. >> you don't help anyone but
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yourself. >> so prickily today. >> twitter got its fingers in the pistachio nuts and they pulled it open and freed the nuts. what is the career move? >> i was the tongue guy. >> i need somebody to do that. >> every one of these things is speaking in tongues guy. >> answer the question, weird person. this is a good thing. she saw the outside world via that annoying thing on most of our phones. i will say this, 27, if you figure it out by 15 you are smart and independent minded. 18 to 20, okay 27 you are still kind of dumb. >> but then again, she was a very, very restricted
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environment and religious environment. we know people who are narrow minded at a late age. >> you know narrow minded people here at fox? >> two words, book deal, three words, pose for playboy, get a reality show. >> you say there are dollar signs behind it. >> it leads to one of the ame or the oxygen movies. or maybe it is a job at the mall. if you are in this family you can't get a job at the mall. >> also she wants what every other girl has, a gay best friend. after awhile they realize they hate each other. when they come to the real ization they want the gay best friends like the jimmy choo's. >> she is going to call it
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post hate. >> that would be a reality show i would be interested to watch. >> i am just having fun with you, crazy lady. >> disneyland is more like disney racist land. a trip to a theme park was marred. he approached alice in wonderland's white rabbit and was rebuffed. >> how did that make you feel? >> sad. >> how come? >> because i wanted to hug him. >> his older brother fared no better. >> then i went up to try to hold his hand and he was
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flicking my hand off. it was a different tale for those who are pail. >> they were hugging the boy. >> there was two other kids that came up and he hugged them, kissed them, posed with them and took pictures. it made my kids feel horrible. >> they complained to a manager and were offered vie p passes which they declined. now they are filing a suit against disneyland saying they want an official apology. so far disney hasn't responded to the black demand. they can't comment on something they are not aware of, end quote. this would never happen at the theme park where i worked as a mascot.
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>> do you think it is real? >> racism is painful enough. you don't want your kids exposed to it, definitely not in a place in disney world where everything is supposed to be everything. they will find out if you did it or not because there are surveillance cameras everywhere so you can see him shunning black kids and they will get their money. i was there too and he wouldn't give me a high five.
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>> do you buy this claim or is this just something that happens? >> the story looks so too good to be true. the white rabbit, the black family, totally adorable kids. but i grew up next to disneyland and been there a bunch of times. i knew people who dressed in costumessed and worked there and from that experience i can say that this story is so totally true. >> i don't know if that is a scientific way. >> as we stated before you dressed up as a bunny and racist. >> of course. >> assuming the blacks are telling the truth you are behind the employee i'm sure. >> you have to put yourself in a bunny suit to really understand. let's play devil's advocate, and the other side of the story is that is the toughest job in show business, a disney character. they have to put up with screaming moms of children who are sticky fingered and milk mustache and begs and
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pleading -- begging and pleading and whining. i know from taking my kids they wait an hour to talk to these characters. >> the princesses, not the bunny. >> the princesses for sure. >> it is probably because you don't have a whole costumes on. >> there have to be extenuating circumstances. maybe the white rabbit was in a hurry and had to go to the bathroom. i'm sorry the kids felt shun. it is terrible, but you have to look at both sides of the story. >> i greaty with that. i agree with that. >> you said go rabbit a lot. unbelievable. >> unreal. >> finally an amusement park that matches my dark heart. bill, you are not allowed in disneyland after defecating in a tea cup. >> you did not. >> he did, lore ree. >> she believes you. >> i know.
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>> here is the scary part, they have to follow through with this because you can't rise above this kind of accusation. if they get you on this on racism, you are screwed. >> i would be surprised if they could even find the guy in it. you are the white rabbit one day and mickey the next day. >> isn't there a hierarchy that mickey and mini are the most talented and then the princesses. it is hard work. they have to march in all of those parades. >> racist parades, lori. look, these people in these little outfits -- i like to call them outfits and not costumes, are in a tight spot. if you hug too much you get in trouble. if you don't hug you are a racist. so maybe there are extenuating circumstances, or i think he needs to replace them all with robots. >> it brings up a good point.
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what has not changed since disneyland opened in the 1950s ? the costumes. the eyes don't close. they don't talk. there is no change from that costumes. they need to bring that stuff to the 21st century. less racism and more awe in the face and the talking. >> but it is the happiest place on earth. >> you haven't been on the jungle cruise in awhile. their payload isn't for pay back. drone strikes are only used against imminent terrorist threat and not punishment for previous attacks. that's according to john brennan, the nominee for the head of the cia. a job i turned down to spend more time with my turtles. he defended the aircraft in a senate confirmation hearing hours after obama ordered a confidential memo making the legal case for strikes against u.s. citizens be released. the topic was controversial. >> please remove -- please
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remove that woman. >> they won't even tell congress what countries we are killing children in. >> please -- if you could please expedite the removal. >> so how did brennan handle the hecklers? take a look. >> actually that was a cat. that wasn't brennan. i apologize for tricking the audience. are you troubled the limits on using drone strikes against americans are a little vague or not vague enough? >> i remember like six, seven years ago and rewee suddenly woke up and it is a good or
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bad thing to torture people, and i can't believe we got to that moment. and we just skated right past that. we are ordering not just drone strikes against the bad people , but also the american bad people too. >> i can't believe we have gone through this. it is hard to figure out how to be funny. >> he took it seriously. >> don't you fret. >> brandon is full of -- you have to face it 300 civilians died and we took off from saudi arabia and nobody knew about that. even if you don't get blown up by a drone hearing the buzz and it sounds like a loud chain saw in the air, hearing that is frightening. remember after 9/11 you saw a plane and it was like this? it is every day for them. >> you were like that before 9/11. >> i was. i was always in fear of things falling on my head. >>- q. i lori, you were saying -- >> lori, you said drone strikes should be used on
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anyone who looks funny. that's kind of strong. >> say osama bin laden was born in the united states and then carried out these terrorism career. would he have deserved due process in that case? you look at timothy mcveigh. a man born in the united states carrying out attacks on americans. he could have gone down in a firefight, but he went through trial. the whole question of terrorism and these an teargas techniques and the drones, every case is unique. i don't think there is one answer for it. >> then it is ad-hok. >> that's why we have elected officials and cabinet members because we want to ideally trust their judgment. ad-hok was in the beastie boys, right? here is the thing. i think this whole argument is going to be irrelevant. it is like talking about computers before the internet came along. what is a drone, bill? when it gets small and you can
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get a drone license, we are all going have our own drone. is a drone a gun or a tank? we haven't decided this. >> i think if you look at yourself in the mirror you will find a drone is a part of you. the drone is in all of you. they already have tiny ones the size of a bug. soon those will be lethal killing things anyways. it had nothing to do with the drones. they don't care about the drones. they love beak on cspan and getting their time to shine and constituents seeing them ask tough questions. >> and they don't care about oversight. five weeks ago these same people could have voted on an amendment to ask the administration in order to authorize the amendment act of 2008 and asked them, can you please show me your legal rational for this?
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>> they voted against the legal rational. they don't care about oversight. they suck. >> my favorite part of the whole thing is the big piece of white stuff. >> show the clip. >> we don't have the clip. >> he was talking and something just -- i troll all the time -- i drool all the time by the way. i have a problem. coming up, where should you put your life savings? lori roth man on why she hides money in a tree trunk guarded by squirrels. but first, which entertainer said obama was america's dad? it probably was chris rock says the guy at home looking at this tape of chris rock.
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guns are bad? yes, and we must listen. that's according to chris rock who on wednesday referred to barak as our pop. it suggested we heed his guidance on guns. the comedian appeared at a press conference on pistols with a gaggle of other former celebrities including amanda pete, tony bennett and amanda pete. and here is his reason we should submit to background checks and assault bans and limits on magazines, no questions asked. >> president of the united states is, you know, our boss, but he is also -- the president and the first lady are like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. when you don't it usually bites you in the ass later on. >> it was sponsored by michael bloomburg's mayors against illegal guns. although tony bennett thought
12:25 am
he was at a bar mitzvah. as for the entertainment? did you foe when we use these rack -- did you know when we use these raccoon tapes they ask us not to say bad things about raccoons. that is a fact. we run the raccoon thing and they say please you can use it, but don't say bad things about raccoons. well what can you say? we all love raccoons. >> nice rack, says i. play on words. >> sherrod, if obama is america's dad, according to chris rock, that means bush was our dad too, that means clinton was our dad and nixon was our dad. you just can't pick dads. >> i don't like to talk about raccoons because they killed my parents. >> now i'm in trouble. >> not that one though. >> i understand what chris rock was trying to say, but
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the president is not my dad, man. dr. huxtable is my dad. >> everyone's dad. >> my feeling was when you were watching him talk, i don't think he agreed with why he was there. he agreed with supporting the president, but i can't believe chris rock doesn't believe in the second amendment. >> he believes that you should have a right to bear arms, but you don't neat an assault rifle that shoots 60 bullets. what deer are you using that on? >> i hear the 60 bullet thing. >> 30 bullets. >> has chris rock been thinking a lot about second amendment and assault ban from -- and the efficacy over the years? >> you don't have to do that. you just need to be an american with an opinion. >> not on my watch. >> there should be a museum for dumb celebrity political comments where you graft them
12:27 am
and photo shop them and just put bush and get them to -- remember the first time i had sex with george w. bush. they would be horrified to see it. let's show them how horrible it is. >> lori, is this what you look for in a president, a father figure, and is that why you voted for george michael? >> the president and flotis are mom and dad? nanny state. this is what it is. this is why people voted for the president's re-election. they want their free stuff. they want mom and dad to provide everything. >> i voted for him because mitt romney was the other dude. >> bill, you think all presidents should not be like your father, but the creepy uncle who made you look for life savers in your sweat pants. >> you miss heard me. that was the terrible uncle. do you have an hour? it is not fit for tv what he did to me. i am comfort comfortable with the boss -- i am uncomfortable
12:28 am
with the boss question. i thought america was obama's boss. >> exactly. >> i like the dad one though because one with three unbelievably i will legitimate diapers when they say like, clean my diaper. one, you are 24. two, that guy is your dad. put the blame on him. and then i go gamble. >> so visual. >> and it had a slight uh -- a aroma. >> people say george washington is the father of the country, and he was the president. he is not my father. >> and howard taft was big daddy. >> he was a big boy. >> morbidly obese. >> but he was good with the ladies. >> well, you know, he would just fall on them. jay disiew have a comment -- >> do you have aent which on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something? send it to fox eye. click on a video. the half time report from tv's
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andy levy. please be there, andy.
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>> who wants to spend money on flower. chocolate stays for seconds and then she will ask -- whrap every bear is guaranteed for life. they do it right every time. so here is what you do. go to we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. now we go baying to andyly --
12:33 am
we go back to andy levy. how are you dismog. >> good. why am i reading prompter? that was confusing. i almost read that. hagen phelps -- megan phelps, you said she became uncomfortable with signs that read "fags can't repent." i think that is nice of her that now she believes they can repent. >> but she don't see anything wrong with calling them fags? let's not look past the obvious. >> i don't know if it is that part or what. >> they cannot be fags is what she is saying. >> guys, she is only 27. >> she is a child. >> i would like to think that much like our president her position is evolving. >> all right.
12:34 am
>> matt, you mentioned that she says her -- it started when she was tweeting with jewlicious, so you are blaming the jews. not on my watch. it is a good point of discovering there is a bigger world out there. i think that it is probably not a coincidence that the person in the church who engaged in most of the outside world is the one this happened to. >> that is interesting. her writing on this, it was like we were in a small group and a small town in the middle of the country, and it shows that there is no place baskly -- basically except for big bear mountain right now where you can hide and be completely by yourself in this country, and at some point you have to interact with people. >> dumb is local. dumb is a local thing. you go 15 miles away and you see how dumb you are? >> dumb can hookup with other dumb.
12:35 am
>> if you are out there and dumb call me. >> that's why scientology forbid members from reading bad things about the group. you don't want them to leave. but in her case she was like the social media person for the church. so she had to be exposed to other things. >> they are running a risk from the beginning. joy absolutely. >> they put her out there and said okay take part in this. don't get any ideas. >> it is like the first time a kid goes off to the big city. next thing you know you are doing porn. >> i think she is now from brooklyn so she went from one crazy cult to another. >> is she in brooklyn now? all of that foolish talk she did is not going to work there. you can't be a racist in new york. you would be exhausted at the
12:36 am
end of the day. >> williamsburg is cool for t-shirts. >> it just saysghf. greg you mentioned do playboy orie yacht show? or reality show, what she needs to do is come on "red eye." >> absolutely. i have never really seen her before. >> we might send her right back to the church. >> that's true. she would say i disagree with god and i hate bill schulz. god definitely hates bill schulz. >> lori, this came up, you were saying before the show you thought they always tbot a bad wrap. -- got a bad wrap. does this change that? >> before the show? i thought that was off
12:37 am
limits. >> god no. >> it is evil. it is a cult. i don't know why it doesn't call itself that, or why we in the media don't use that term to describe what it is, hateful, horrible and unless you are wheat christian het trough sexual they don't like you. >> you say that now until the camera is off. >> i'm sorry. >> i have been in a cult too and it is different from a cult. we did more hugging. >> i'm sure that happens too in west burr re. >> native american style. >> kris cross apple sauce. >> racist. sherrod you said racism is bad enough. you don't want your kids exposed to it. the only reason i am not 100% positive this story is accurate, probably it is, but the only reason not i find it odd the person in the bunny suit would make their racism
12:38 am
so obvious. >> it is work. sometimes people at work act inappropriately. they do stuff they shouldn't be doing at work. i am not shocked by that. >> but in that particular type of job i am shocked. i agree with you. but in that particular type of job -- it is the one thing besides inappropriately touching a kid you can't do. >> first of all, parents with black kids feel like this and they are exposed to this and it is embarrassing as an adult that you can't say adults don't act like that. >> they need a dateline investigation where they -- you know where they do that and have like maybe a black family and a white family and they will send them out? dateline investigations are great. remember they sent that guy in the van to get kids in the van? gee and had the parents watch it? >> now i tell the kids i work for dateline.
12:39 am
>> they are like, ice cream? i am in there. ice cream trumps everything. >> sherrod, i am pretty much 100% with you. >> it is embarrassing. >> i don't find it hard believe they are racist. i find it hard to believe they are that stupid. >> they are an h-hole. -- an a-hole. you are dressed in a costumes at a children's amusement park. >> couldn't it be the time of day? >> mib he had broken wind -- maybe he had broken wind in his costumes. >> maybe he was like the jetblue fleet -- flight attendant. maybe they said i saved up 20 years for this. >> he is now with west burrow. >> i am curious as to how you are surprised he could be that dumb. 24r* is not an iq test required to be a furry thing that waves all day.
12:40 am
>> you are. >> i am brilliant. >> they know all of the kids. they remembered my daughter from the time she was there. >> that's because they didn't realize they were jewish. >> they thought they were all-american white. >> we don't have all of the facts yet. >> disney and jews, we can speak on that, right? >> actually i think that is basically not true. >> i know it is true. i used to work there and i am jewish and they treated me different. >> did they? >> better? >> they never let me be the white rabbit. >> because you were jewish. >> i was punching all kids. >> i am moving on. >> there is no way to talk about my girl friend.
12:41 am
>> drones, matt you said you can't believe we were having a discussion about whether it is okay to be drone killing americans. are you some sort of communist? i think you know where you can go. >> thank you. i have been there. >> andy, i want you to know that we have located a picture of john brennan's face. >> that's happened to me. >> they actually -- >> it looks like a piece of tissue. >> they actually launched a nano drone. >> i'm telling you that's the future, nano drones. >> a couple things for you on this one. you ask what if bin laden was an american citizen. you may have forgotten we indicted bin laden in 1998 so
12:42 am
if we captured him we could bring him back for trial. >> that trial would have been fair. >> why wait until the trial? let's put a bullet in him. >> to sharpen my point it does raise the question of americans overseas being affiliated. if there is evidence where they have terrorist connections don't they think they are kind of in fair territory to get taken out by a drone? >> the problem is there is no oversight to determine -- the way the obama administration is doing it. it is like the top men. >> but you are not encouraged or optimistic security team? >> no. i am not encouraged by thib making the decisions without the oversight. i don't trust anyone with that kind of power. >> i agree.
12:43 am
>> these senate panels are asking such detailed questions. john mccain and even lindsay graham, everything was set up beautifully to get them in the corner on these topics. it is really amazing the questioning and the research. >> people are critical and the question is whether or not we are getting anything out of the hearing. and a lot of people are skeptical. >> i will say before i go, saying you are not qualified to be the head of the cia because you over saw a secret program to kill people, it is like saying are you not qualified to be the head chef because you have a lot of cooking. >> you killed it, andy. >> i am done. >> see you later. coming up, tom cruise is dead -- set on making top gun 2. and why not? the first was great. loved it.
12:44 am
plus you respond to your boss' e-mails after hours? it took awhile, but our intern seth learned they came to tolerate my exploring hand.
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were the cops still on the clock? some officers say they deserve overtime for answering e-mail on blackberries while off duty and suing for back pay. said their attorney, quote, everybody can relate because people are asked all the time to work for free, and they are being told to work for free using their phones. the cops say their bosses pressured them to answer calls and e-mails after hours, but told them not to file for overtime. this is getting boring. the city argues the -- the officers wrongly lumped things together. it is a universal problem. you know who is always working overtime to get attention?
12:48 am
>> yes, i think there were strings involved there. >> as a comedian you really don't know what we are talking about. they are like tethers. once you get one they are stuck. >> first of all everybody who has a job has to use their phone away from the job and e-mails and calls all the time. but they are not going to pay you for it. fears of all chicago police department -- first of all the chicago police department? that's where the little girl got shot? y'all ain't doing a job already. >> you are perplexed right now. >> it is confusing that that is what you are arguing about while a girl is getting shot. >> and they have a terrible crimem. >> murder capital of the world. actually they are worried about working on working on
12:49 am
the tblak berry -- blackberry and not solving murders. >> i want to stick to the topic which is -- >> oprah. jordan. >> i lost my mind. the fact is we are now -- nobody has established a structure now that we have phones. >> if your boss gives you a blackberry, it is expected that during off hours you are checking your blackberry and responding. reasonable -- sorry i am getting tired. >> are we keeping you up? >> i didn't want to miss the teasing. i can never refuse. a reasonable boss isn't going to be expecting you to check it on sunday evening or christmas night. >> i do. you run a magazine and was there ever an idea where you said can you call so and so? >> i can tell by his face.
12:50 am
>> no, the quote there -- everybody can relate to the horror of having to send an e-mail workingover time. when was the last time you worked at a job with overtime. it was 1989, 1990 when they were counting the hours i had somewhere. not that you shouldn't count the hours when a cop sits somewhere, but it is 20th century way of looking at things. >> it is negotiated into the employment contract. >> and generally cops work three 12-hour days and the rest of the time a bodyguard. when you have these contracts they will find every way to bleed over and they can sue you. >> bill, you don't answer your phone, period, at all. if you are an employee and not required to answer e-mails at night, you will never be promoted. right, bill? >> actually, wait.
12:51 am
i have terrible service. what were they e-mailing about? it is a large part of the job. >> everybody e-mails nonsense. we have to take a break. don't leave now. more stuff to talk about. "joy of hate" new york best seller. autograph copy g
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whitney houston's "i will always love you" as the topic among divorce, separated and widowed americans. rounding out the top "unchained melody,"" when a man loves a woman" and "you are so beautiful" a song he wrote about charles manson. whoa have two minutes. what was your favorite love song? i know you hate people. >> i like susie greenberg from fish. it is crazy. i like "joy." >> what is "joy"? >> one of their songs. >> sherrod, what is your favorite? >> i made love to all of these songs, sweet, sweet passionate
12:56 am
love. i would have to say "sexual healing" more vin g -- marvin gaye. >> sherrod, we don't need that. i am going to eliminate that phrase. matt? >> fan knee -- fanny be tender. dolly parton's "i will always love you" will cheer you straight up. watch the version on youtube, 1974. >> it is not better than whitney. let's not get crazy. >> she crushes whitney like a grape. >> maybe with her boob. >> bill, you reenact a scene from -- all the time. >> he is my mate. have to go with the "gilligan's island" theme.
12:57 am
>> how is that a love song? >> it is the skipper and gilligan at the time -- >> my favorite love song is "my humps" with the black eyed peas because at the time i was dating two hunchbacks. i also like "lady in read" by christa burg which is about a woman he just stabbed to death. to see clips of recent shows go to abc eye.
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